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5 Steps To Create Your Dream Life!

5 Steps To Create Your Dream Life!

I KNOW we all want the Rich & Fabulous Lifestyle but let’s be honest it is not just going Poof & Appear into our lives like Magic. Good News is there are strategies you can use to SHIFT & ALIGN your MINDSET with the life you envision for yourself!

Here are 5 Tips I use to Create my Dream Life:


I IMAGINE the life I want. YEP Just like a little kid daydreaming & make believing.
I HIGHLY Suggest you Learn about the power of your MIND.  “If You Can See It In Your Mind, You Can Hold It In Your Hand” Bob Proctor Said. And If Your Imagination Needs Some Help, A Vision Board Can Do The Trick!



I Write down My Goals & The things I wish to experience in my lifetime. When you write your ideas, goals & visions down it allows you to focus on those things therefore attracting and bringing them into your reality. Where ever your focus goes, your energy flows. It’s also a great reminder and guide for your journey to your dream life.
Remember things will not happen overnight so you have to stay encouraged & consistent! NEVER DOUBT YOUR DREAMS & NEVER GIVE UP.



There is power in the words you speak. Choose the right words and anything is possible. 
You see our mind is our only enemy when it’s filled with negative thoughts or self limiting beliefs.
YOU MUST BELIEVE YOU DESERVE THE LIFESTYLE YOU WANT!! & Babe you actually do deserve it!!



I Am ALWAYS finding ways to learn & feed my MIND. What you put into your body matters! Especially what you read & listen to! I increase my knowledge because this world may can take a job away but it can never take your knowledge! If you don’t know how to do something GOOGLE IT! Ask someone who knows how to get you to where you need to go! My mother always said “ A closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Fed!”



Like I said it’s not just going to Appear in your life no matter how BADLY you want it. You must take ACTION everyday toward your vision! Little by Little you will start to notice your life changing. Faith without works is DEAD! Build a trustworthy team that can help you GROW.


Thank you for Reading, I hope this help you to create the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!



Here is A List of mentors who have helped me to shift my mindset to attract my Dream Life, Search them on youtube and listen to their speeches, also you can read their books!

  1. Bob Proctor
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Myles Monroe
  4. Les Brown
  5. Michael Beckwith
  6. Zig Zigglar


Xoxo Terrinique Marie

@Juicyglamlash @Therealmsjuicy 


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