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The Glam Time Luxury Lash Shampoo & Make up Remover is specifically designed to deep cleanse eyelash extensions and eye make-up. It’s a very gentle formula that creates a foaming texture but does not leave any residue once cleansed.

This Shampoo is perfect for Professional or Client use for at home. 

Our Glam Time shampoo is created to maintain the health of our natural lashes and extend the retention of our lash extensions life.

LASH TECH - Use during lash bath prior to applying lashes or infill. Ensure all product is rinsed afterwards

CLIENT - Use 2/3 times a week to promote retention and hygiene.

Glam Time shampoo routine at home(1-3mins):

  1. Apply a dime size of the shampoo on your wet juicy glam shampoo brush.
  2. Gently use circular motions to wash your extensions (your eyes are closed during this routine)
  3. Really focus on your upper water line
  4. Take a wet face towel and gently clean product off
  5. Take your Shampoo Brush and Juicy Glam lash Dryer to fluff your lashes !



Aqua , Sodium Coceth30- Sulfate , PEG80 -

Sorbitan Laurate , Decanoyl / octanoyl - glycerides ,

Propylene Glycol , lodopropynyl Butycarbamate ,

Imidazolidinyl Urea , EDTA Disodium , Fragrance