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Girl Launch That Lash Line

Girl Launch That Lash Line E-Book

Hey Lash Boss are you ready to finally launch your very own lash product line?

I've got your back sis, there's no gatekeeping here!

I created this Step-By-Step E-Book to break down everything you need to know BEFORE you launch your lash product line to the public and how to run your E-commerce store confidently.  

You will Learn:

  • How to create your Business Plan
  • How to set a start up budget
  • How to Find Lash Vendors
  • Product Sampling Process
  • How to track inventory
  • Needed Documents
  • How to Market your Lash Line
  • How to Build your Website 
  • Branding your products 
  • & so much more!


I’m excited for you to take the next step and scale your lash business with lash products.