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Platinum Diamond Lash Adhesive

The Platinum Diamond Lash Adhesive is TOP TIER with a strong and long-lasting bond! This adhesive works beautifully for Classic, Volume & Mega Volume Lashing! This adhesive is recommend for ALL Lash Artist, It's rapid dry time of 0.5-1s allows for quick lash attachment and for you to lash easily with speed!

This Adhesive DOES NOT contain: Latex and Formaldehyde.


How to use:

- Keep your Platinum Diamond Adhesive vertically in airtight container, drawer or in a cool, dry place!

- Shake the bottle side ways, not up and down!

- Wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue!

- Incorrect work with fast-drying adhesive can cause poor retention!

- High temperature or high humidity causes adhesive to polymerize even faster, which can cause even more retention issues. Ideal Temperature 68-75 degrees!


When to replace your lash adhesive?

Shelf life

- Opened bottles: 30 days 

- Unopened bottles: 6 months


Best temperature: 20°C - 25°C 68°F - 77°F

Best Humidity: 40-75%