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Diamond Mink Easy Fanning Trays

Our Juicy Glam EASY FANNING Lash Trays Creates the most GLAMOROUS Volume and Mega Volume lash fans QUICKLY & Easily! If you’re struggling to master the hand made volume techniques and want to save some time on your lash sets these are the Best Lashes! Our Easy fanning lashes are bonded slightly at the base of the lash strip enabling the lashes to stick together without relying on adhesive to secure the bottom of the volume fan!

Our lashes hold consistent curl, super soft and can be used for versatile fanning techniques such as; pinched, fanned off the strip, flower bouquet & more.

These lashes are made from the highest quality Korean PBT material. Mimicking Real Siberian Mink but cruelty free! 

 Suitable for both beginner and advanced lash techs.